Commonhold properties

Why Gehrung when it comes to commonhold properties?

The first impression counts: we ensure that the entire residential complex has an attractive appearance and provide for high-quality and consistent maintenance work. We also apply long-term maintenance planning and arrange for any maintenance backlog to be cleared. We consult the advisory committee and the owners about relevant topics and convene the yearly owners’ assembly. We chair the assembly and provide for decisions to be put into practice. In our conference area we host owners’ assemblies for up to 30 people, free of charge.

„Communities require compromises. Gehrung is very skilled at chairing the assemblies. There are no rows.“

Ahmed Luxor

„Gehrung’s maintenance plan was just right. The results show that their planning has been spot on.“

Anna Seubert

We arrange for required insurance cover (e.g. building and liability insurance), compile house rules, supervise and support caretakers and cleaning services and transparently discuss any relevant issues with the advisory committee.

We optimise the budget on a yearly basis, monitor income and expenditure and provide regular reporting in the form of detailed financial statements.