Why Gehrung when it comes to condominiums?

We are taking care of your condominium! We don’t believe in rushing things. For your and our own sake we carefully select tenants to make sure they are suitable candidates that will stay on the long run. Just to make sure there won’t be any problems: we take care of credit checks of prospective tenants and attend the handing over of apartments. We collect monthly rent and utility costs and transfer the amounts to your account quarterly or monthly, as requested. We handle deposit management and accounting with the tenants as well as the entire tenant correspondence, all administrative tasks and annual operation costs statements. We arrange for and monitor decorative repairs and maintenance measures. If ever there is trouble, we will also handle dunning and claims processes (recovering debts through to action for eviction if needed). Our vacancy rate is below 1%.

„I had no desire to negotiate with tenants. I wanted an expert to do this. I have never regretted choosing Gehrung.“

Carlo Kaiser

„Condominium bought, property manager sought and found, apartment handed over, rents and statements received. Done.“

Patricia Adelmann