Welcome to Gehrung GmbH

Handover of the baton. We meet the old and the new owner for an interview.

Mr Gehrung, you sold your company to the VOW Group. You say it was time. Why? You don’t look like retiring at all.

Gehrung: It was about time. I’m at the age when you make such decisions. And I would like to do other things now: I am looking forward to much more time with my wife and romantic trips in our old VW bus. I look forward to balmy summer evenings without having to think about a stressful week ahead. I’m looking forward to Corsica and the project that’s being created there. And I still have so much to do here in Berlin. It won’t be retirement, not even in name.

Mr Bosse, you bought Gehrung GmbH. Why?

Bosse: Gehrung GmbH is a pearl in Berlin and a perfect fit for us. It not only increases the volume of our location in Berlin considerably. From our locations in Braunschweig, Berlin and Hamburg, we now manage a portfolio of around 29,000 units with a value of around EUR 3.0 billion for our customers as rental and condominium managers.

You also take over Team Gehrung into your group.

Bosse: Yes, that was not a question. With our dedicated team of now more than 90 employees, we have been meeting our customers empathetically and in partnership since 1972 – always with the aim of achieving our quality goals and building long-term customer relationships. We are distinguished by our broad range of expertise. Real estate managers, business economists, engineers, lawyers and energy market experts complete tasks quickly, flexibly and with high quality for the benefit of our clients.

Mr Gehrung, how emotional is the farewell?

Gehrung: It is difficult, I admit, especially since we have grown together here like a family. My wife and I are leaving with the greatest appreciation and gratitude to the team.

Mr Bosse, what do you expect from Team Gehrung?

Bosse: We got involved here because we saw how great the work is here. As with the VOW Group, the focus is always on the customer, whether as a tenant or owner. Team Gehrung makes the customers‘ concerns their own and solves them quickly and thoroughly with this in mind. That is exactly our philosophy. That is why we believe in further profitable growth in all areas.

Mr Gehrung, in conclusion: Your favourite anecdote from the last few years?

Gehrung: My favourite anecdote begins in 1992, when I developed a property in Pistorisustraße with BVT and then sold the completed project to Philipp Holzmann. After completion, we took over the property as one of our first projects as managers in Gehrung GmbH and let all the flats. Among the new tenants was a nice gentleman who moved into one of the new flats and then remained a tenant for years. This nice gentleman then bought a condominium in a beautiful residential complex, in the Allee der Kosmonauten, in 2016. When the developer’s three years of initial management came to an end in 2018, he called me and asked if we would like to become „his“ management again. Yes, and that’s what we’ve been doing now since 2019, looking after the WEG and the warranty. That is true customer satisfaction, that is the spirit we get up for every day.
And with that, dear Mr Bosse, I wish you, the team of the VOW Group, which now includes Team Gehrung, the very best, happiness, health. All the best to you.

Bosse: Thank you, dear Mr. Gehrung, to you and your dear wife as well.

< 1% vacancy rate in our rental properties. That’s about as low as it gets!
12% commercial property investments in Germany took place in Berlin during the first half of 2016. A record level!
23% of buyers acquire real estate as a crisis-proof form of investment
Purchasing prices for residential property in Berlin have increased by 44% over the past 6 years.
53% of buyers acquire real estate to provide for old age
A newly built 80 sqm apartment costs 24% less in Charlottenburg than it does in Grunewald
96% of our clients are happy to recommend us to others without any reservations. Thank you for your well-founded trust!

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